Our Mission is to help patients and their families coming to Singapore from abroad for treatment by offering moral support, practical help and advice so that they do not feel alone while facing their illness

Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is a group of volunteers who help needy patients, primarily children. When a person learns about the terrible diagnosis, both them personally and their family members need support.

We do not collect money for medical treatments, as this is a job of specialized charity organizations and funds.

Our volunteers commit their free time for a moral support for the people in need. We help patients and their families to believe in themselves and resist a disease. We do not leave the patients and their family members tête-à-tête with their disaster.

To achieve this goal, different methods are used, such as a talk with a psychologist or meet & greet with ex-patients with a positive treatment outcome.

We help to organize household routine and other practical issues, such as where to shop, where to buy a sim card, how to use buses and metro. All this is not directly related to the treatment, but in a unfamiliar country especially without knowledge of foreign languages, it can be a serious problem for just-arrived.
We also visit the sick in hospitals and at home.

If misfortune has befallen you, kind hearts and caring hands of the volunteers from our organization are always at your disposal!

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Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is a non-profit organisation that helps people coming to Singapore for medical treatment.

Address: 15 Lorong 35 Geylang, #05-05 Regal 35, Singapore 387945 Registration No: T13SS0040B
Email: info@helpinghands-sg.com   phone: +65 8286 2342

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