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Nina Vidyakina

Wife, mother, daughter, friend and passer-by.
I have lived with my family in Singapore for last two years. Despite the fact that moving from one country to another is associated with pleasant and new experiences, it is also accompanied by a necessary adaptation to the new climate, the organization of everyday life, limited social circle, difficulties in understanding of the local customs and even elementary lack of knowledge of where and what to buy. And while the modern means of communication help a lot, we still want most of all thehuman sympathy, kind smile, support and the knowledge that there are people next to you, who are genuinely interested in you.
I was lucky I met such people in Singapore. They gave me their attention and warmth, and it helped me through the tough months of adaptation to a new city, a new world. And now, once given to me, this warmth has augmented in my heart and I’m ready to share it with those, who need it. All type of people live in this city: young and old, sad and cheerful, active and contemplative, already happy and still looking for happiness, but I do know that none of us is indifferent. And if you ask for help, you will get it. The only issue is if you dare to ask …
For this reason I became a cofounder of Helping Hands & Caring Hearts . As a practicing psychotherapist, I know how hard it is to ask for support, especially for those who are fighting for the lives of their loved ones. I think that the very existence of our organization gives people a hope that in a foreign country in an unknown city, they will not be left alone.

Oksana Radchenko

I have lived in Singapore for 2.5 years. My occupation is an economist, and I worked in this field for more than 15 years.
I love children, and I always wanted to do something to help sick children. But I did not have enough time to visit the hospitals in Russia. Now I have this possibility. I visit the children and their parents at hospitals, I try to compensate the lack of attention and warmth they experience abroad,vas is it very hard to be in a foreign country without support. Together with the little children we play, read books, draw, sculpt and just play. It also helps their mothers to rest at least sometime during the day, as they spend every minute caring for their sick children. With older children we do craft and just chat.

Treatment often takes several months, and the success of the treatment depends on the patient’s psychological state, and my task – to improve it as much as possible. When children think less about their illness, and are kept busy doing something interesting, discussing an interesting book or event, the whole atmosphere changes. It seems that even the air is different. The spirit rises in children, and because of new friends, they try their best to get better.

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Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is a non-profit organisation that helps people coming to Singapore for medical treatment.

Address: 15 Lorong 35 Geylang, #05-05 Regal 35, Singapore 387945 Registration No: T13SS0040B
Email: info@helpinghands-sg.com   phone: +65 8286 2342

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