Psychological Support Center

The human mind is a complex and delicate mechanism

Very often, when people get into a stressful situation, especially when it feels like there is no way out, the first to suffer is our psyche. In such a situation it does not cover just the patients themselves, but also their families and the people around. In particular, it is our volunteers.

When visiting the sick our assistants need to be prepared for complex situations and know the psychological state of patients and their families to help most effectively. To avoid the stress of the complex and sometimes joyless situations faced by our volunteers, we would like to be able to invite experts and to conduct regular classes in preparation for volunteers to work with patients.

The ability to overcome the obstacles depends very much on the mind settings. In order to successfully cope with a disease a positive mental attitude is needed. We would like to have qualified professionals who could help at the right moment to the patients.

When a loved one is sick, it is very hard to be cheerful, but this is what is required from relatives and friends, who accompany a patient. For these people, we would like to develop a program of psychological support.

Alas treatment does not always lead to the positive results and if a loved one dies, it is an extremely difficult time for the whole family. In such cases, the center will do its best to help soften the blow of the loss and to support the family in difficult times.

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Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is a non-profit organisation that helps people coming to Singapore for medical treatment.

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