Who we are

Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is officially registered in Singapore since 2013

However our mission started since a long time ago. Eventually we came to the point establish an official organization, to be able to bring people together, so we can direct our aid with better focus and coordination.

We decided not to apply for charitable status as we do not set the goal to raise money for the medical treatments and leave it to charities and support groups who do this task much better than us. We see our task in providing the moral first aid and help with purely practical issues. This type of help is no less important than the financial support.

We are a non-profit organization, which means that all money we get, we spend on people we are helping

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Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is a non-profit organisation that helps people coming to Singapore for medical treatment.

Address: 15 Lorong 35 Geylang, #05-05 Regal 35, Singapore 387945 Registration No: T13SS0040B
Email: info@helpinghands-sg.com   phone: +65 8286 2342

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