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Over the past few years, Singapore has become known in Russian speaking countries, not only as an unusual tourist paradise, but a place where you can get highly skilled world-class treatment, using the latest technology and equipment, experienced physicians who have received training in the UK, USA and Hong Kong. Particularly attracted by the experience of cancer treatment in both children and adults.

Treatment in Singapore has attracted people’s attention because of the significant price difference with leaders of medicine, such as USA, UK, Germany and Israel, where there is the long waiting list and the need for 100% prepayment as well. In Singapore, a payment occurs after the service, but requires pre-payment at the rate of 50 – 80% of the cost of the procedure).

IMPORTANT: for stem cell transplantation (BMT) requires 100% prepayment!

Volunteers from Russia and CIS organizes groups on social networks “VKontakte”(in contact), “Odnoklassniki”(classmates), trying to help save desperately ill children, from which has almost given up the doctors in his native country. These are children with cancer such as neuroblastoma, nephroblastoma, leukemia, lymphoma. Usually, these children are from poor families, who have no opportunity to fight for the life of the child. And as the Internet, social networks, joint efforts to raise money for the last hope – treatment abroad. The collection process is usually very long, and often children do not survive the treatment, since the sum is simply no time to come, and the sums are enormous, reaching up to hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars.

Volunteers begin collecting the money and the presence of 70% of the treatment, the doctor indicated, the final cost may change in the course of treatment due to unforeseen circumstances, such as complications caused by infections nihkim immunity problems with the work of the bone marrow. After collecting 70% of the specified value, the volunteers sent the child to Singapore for treatment. If the doctor, having received the first 3 days of the test results, considers it possible to continue the treatment and gives the% chance of cure, treatment begins immediately. If the results of the survey in Singapore suggests that the disease can not be cured, the doctor will send this patient home to undergo palliative (supportive) treatment.

The sending party is responsible and serious should calculate the probability of a successful fundraising. Otherwise, treatment is stopped. If you have time (during the pre-treatment) before the day of surgery / bone marrow transplantation and other treatments that require 100% prepayment, it is possible to continue to collect, while the patient is receiving treatment. But if the doctor, seeing the results of the survey, immediately decides to have surgery, the lack of money at this point is everything. The child returns home. In debt abroad is not treated.

But no matter how tough the conditions of treatment in Singapore for the last 3 years and the kids were treated here have experience, both positive, unfortunately, is no.

Everyone understands what a terrible disease to contend. And even a few good results, saved lives, a great achievement and joy to the family.

We want to talk about each lechivshimsya child, not as a professional, but from the point of view of people who were directly next to each family, each child in the last 3 years. Who cried during those long 6 months of treatment, with a children’s tears, and the joy of every victory in the struggle for recovery.

Our stories are based only on our observations, and are not well-documented. All the information can be read on the links that are listed in each story.

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Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is a non-profit organisation that helps people coming to Singapore for medical treatment.

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