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Who are our volunteers? Our volunteers help others in their times of need by offering help and support.

Volunteers are altruists who selflessly help and care for the well-being of others; devote their energy, time and tools to those in need; offer warmth, care and support to those who are in a difficult or even hopeless situation.

Our team is composed of hodoki [ho-do-ki] or comers and organizers. The hodoki/ comers are volunteers that work in close contact with the ill and the organizers help manage the organization. Hodoki / Comers Please join our team if you are willing to offer compassion and support to the sick. Hodoki/comers have the important, and at times stressful responsibility of listening to the patients and families share their feelings and grief. By providing a shoulder to cry on and by lending a listening ear, walkers provide immense psychological support. If you believe you can give a piece of your heart to someone in need, we will help prepare you for this role. Our psychologists can explain and interpret what is required from you during the visits and help you choose the right course of action with each patient. By volunteering with us, you will become a part of a caring group of individuals with hearts of gold. Organizational Assistance If you are an educated professional or organizer and you are interested in helping out, please join our team. We are also in need of professionals in the following areas of expertise: copywriting, public relations and technical assistance. Vacancies – Hodoki or Comer (people visiting patients) – Web master (including web design) – Marketers – Public Relations Experts – Printed Product Experts Please, if you have an interest and more importantly a desire to help, please contact us at: with the completed questionnaire

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Helping Hands & Caring Hearts is a non-profit organisation that helps people coming to Singapore for medical treatment.

Address: 15 Lorong 35 Geylang, #05-05 Regal 35, Singapore 387945 Registration No: T13SS0040B
Email:   phone: +65 8286 2342

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